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At the spot where Lake Wörthersee shows its most charming side, a small peninsula extends into the lake: This is the highly popular summer holiday destination of Pörtschach, which elegantly floats between chic and casual, between an idyll and a tranquil spot.

It is nestled into the sun-kissed north shore of Lake Wörthersee between calm Krumpendorf and sophisticated Velden. It is only 14 kilometres from Carinthia’s capital, Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, and directly across from Reifnitz Bay, over which sits Reifnitz Castle. This means the best views. From Pörtschach, that it understands very well the variety of confident southern ease that is unique to Pörtschach.

Poetic Pörtschach

A Pörtschach

A summer retreat, then and now.
In the 19th century, Pörtschach am Wörthersee enjoyed an increase in tourists, who found their way in with the first summer visitors. The southern train from Vienna to Italy made the location shine as an extremely popular holiday residence in the year 1864. Personalities such as Kaiser Franz Joseph I, Gustav Mahler and Johannes Brahms visited here. Brahms, who loved to draw inspiration from Pörtschach, composed his Symphony No. 2 here, which is also called the “Pörtschach Symphony”. In 1877, he wrote to Clara Schumann:

I want to tell you that I disembarked here in Pörtschach with the intention of traveling to Vienna the next day. But the first day was so pleasant that I absolutely had to stay for the second. The second day was so fine that I must remain for now.

Pörtschach am Wörthersee
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