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mild Climate

We squint dreamily in the golden morning sun, sense the warm, gentle lake water on our sun-kissed skin and hear the happy quacking of ducks.

The pleasant anticipation of a wholesome breakfast on a private terrace with an exceptional view of the lake and the tranquil cove before us is growing. We ask ourselves whether a day in and around our own four walls could begin more beautifully. Simply relaxing, as if the Mediterranean way of life has taken the helm. Inspiration follows entirely on its own.

Weatherproof year round
The location of Carinthia amid the mighty Karavankas in the southeast, the Carnic Alps along the border with Italy, and the Lienz Dolomites, combined with the most daylight hours in Austria, is responsible for Carinthia’s pleasant climate.

The mild climate

A Mild


The southern side of the Alps protects from the weather fronts from the north. This is how Carinthia benefits casually and easily– in terms of climate as well as attitude – from the south. It’s why the temperatures of the warm bathing lake rise to more than 20 degrees. And a reason why the Carinthian climate is similar to that of northern Italy.

emotional treats

The ultraviolet rays caress body and soul; they lift the spirits and strengthen the immune system. The influence of light has a positive effect on our vitamin D levels and thus on our health.

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