Inspiring Lake Wörthersee - Laisseefaire - to see the best opportunity: Your luxury home on lake Wörthersee
Laiseefaire - the best in lakeshore living

Lake Wörthersee

Turquoise blue water that reaches temperatures up to 28 degrees and is clean enough to drink, countless hours of sunshine, relaxing ease. Lake Wörthersee shows us its sunny side.

We swim with a Mediterranean attitude towards life, which, in this form, can only be found in the middle of Carinthia on the southern side of the Austrian Alps. Summer starts sooner here, and ends later. From the mid-19th century until the 1930s, Lake Wörthersee was an especially important cultural centre. Artists, patrons, and artistically oriented amateurs met on the shores of Lake Wörthersee, above all in the summer season. One place with perfect infrastructure that masterfully presents itself on the sunny north shore between Velden and Krumpendorf is Pörtschach. And right in the middle stands laisseefaire. Your new exclusive hideaway.

Multi-faceted glitter
Lake Wörthersee changes its colours almost daily. From radiant white to turquoise blue, dark blue to blue green, it lies before us. This fact has to do with the reflection of the sun’s rays and with chalk crystals that mutate into blue-white banks of lake chalk due to light incidence that are unique, although typical for Lake Wörthersee.

The inspiring Lake Wörthersee

Carefree days,
full of ease,
that are ready
to go wild.

Let your thoughts go!

Simply dwell on your thoughts. Calmly enjoy the moment. Everyday cares evaporate like a band of clouds. Nearly weightless, we sense an inner calm and pure inspiration. A deep breath between the gentle mountains and the warm water of Lake Wörthersee. Time for me. Time for us. This is how they look - the moments that are so precious, and that we can enjoy here so intensely. Let’s immerse ourselves and become part of the scenery, which integrates harmoniously with the relaxed southern ease. We look forward to days that might get wild!

An exquisite
natural jewel

The scenically charming waters with their islands and peninsulas were declared in part to be Natura 2000 areas: Hardly anyone knows that there is a type of fish here that is able to overcome white-water rapids like salmon – the so-called Danube bleak. Aside from the Danube bleak, Lake Wörthersee is populated with pike, bass, and catfish. One of the largest populations of great crested grebes in Austria can also be found on Lake Wörthersee.

parallel worlds

It seems as if the lake has two sides; throughout the summer months, it is characterised by people, culture, sport and other highlights. Most of the year, above all in winter, it is almost unrecognisable: At that time, Lake Wörthersee is like a sleeping natural paradise just waiting to be awakened.

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