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Laiseefaire - the best in lakeshore living
View of the Building at Sunset

Your luxury home
on Lake Wörthersee

Masterfully combines breathtaking views
with modern living comfort

Imagine a luxurious safe haven right on the shore of the famous Lake Wörthersee.

In the heart of Alpe-Adria.

A sun-drenched refuge that gives a view of the turquoise blue Lake Wörthersee framed by ridges and mountains, all while still guaranteeing privacy.

A place where a relaxed atmosphere and unspoilt nature combine to form the idyllic property of your dreams. A property with its own jetty, heated pool, prestigious, and sun-drenched living spaces - lavish, upscale, and created with great detail. It’s located right in the midst of the most tranquil and picturesque coves; they give you the sense that they belong only to you. This idyll really exists.

Let your thoughts and your gaze roam free.

Wörthersee Map

Laisseefaire - to see the best opportunity

The name laisseefaire is an expression with origins in French: Laissez-faire – “just let it go” – is often equated with liberalism, which in turn represents freedom. That is precisely the freedom that we mean. On the shore of Lake Wörthersee. The best foundation for the best in lakeside living.

We have “just let it go”, not only with the name but also the type face, and this is how we present ourselves to you, casually and distinctively. It’s no coincidence that the airily light script is reminiscent of maritime knot-tying techniques and thus of the boats that will be berthed here in the future. Knots also represent connectedness and the answer to a life question, for love and eternity. The undulating elements represent the location right on the lake, which the property owner will soon be able to enjoy locally.

Image Map
Maria Wörth
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